Developer Workshop – October 21st 2017

Indonesian Blockchain Network presents: A one-day Blockchain Developer Workshop by our very own resident smart contract engineer, Gilang Bhagaskara.

Included within the crash course are the following topics (details below in the Event Rundown): Blockchain Fundamentals [Ethereum 101; use cases, etc], Ethereum DApps, EVM, Hashing functions, Accounts, Contract Deployment, Metamasks, Clients [Geth, Ropsten Testnet, Ropsten RPC, etc], Solidity [Dev environment, various types of Contracts], and live coding of a demo app.

The course will be delivered in INDONESIAN.

The workshop will be followed by a fireside chat/panel discussion with our guest star, SG-based blockchain startup REIDAO’s co-founder and CEO Darvin Kurniawan who will be happy to share their experiences on building a blockchain startup, after which there will be a networking session.

Location – Supported by Bitcoin Indonesia

Bitcoin Indonesia


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the course, we have had to change to a larger venue.


Universitas Bakrie in Ruang 1 (Jawa-Bali). Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav C-22, Kuningan, Jakarta.

Time & Date

9am – 4pm
Saturday 21st October 2017


IDR 500,000


Gilang Bhagaskara

Expertise: Financial Intermediation; Real Estate & Renting, Information Technology, Other Services
Skills: .NET Framework, Databases, Java, SQL, Web Development

Darvin Kurniawan

Darvin is a co-founder of REIDAO, a blockchain startup based in Singapore, creating digital representation of real estate on the Ethereum blockchain. As a graduate of NUS School of Computing Darvin is well positioned to capitalise on the growth of the blockchain technology. Prior to REIDAO Darvin was involved in a few new businesses both in the low-tech and hi-tech space. Darvin is a big believer and follower of Blue Ocean Strategy and Emergenetics.


Sesssion 1 Blockchain Fundamentals
09:00–09:45 1. Course Introduction
  2. Blockchain 101
  3. Ethereum 101
  4. Ethereum use cases in various industries
09:45–10:00 Coffee Break
Lecture 2 Ethereum Blockchain
10:00–10:45 1. What are Ethereum Decentralized Apps?
  2. Ether, Gas, Ethereum Virtual Machine
  3. Ethereum Network & Blockchain Explorers
  4. Hashing functions, PoW, PoS
  5. Ethereum wallet & Test network
  6. Accounts: EOA & Contracts
  7. Deploying a contract
  8. Metamask
  9. Execute Contract using Metamask
Lecture 3 Ethereum Client
11:00–11:45 1. Geth
  2. Ropsten Testnet
  3. Private Test RPC
  4. Ropsten RPC
  5. Geth Javascript Console
  6. Web3 Javascript API
12:00–13:00 Lunch Break
Lecture 4 Solidity
13:00–14:45 1. Development environment
  2. Truffle & TestRPC
  3. Coding and deploying smart contract to Ethereum Network
  4. Contract: Basic data types
  5. Contract: Data location
  6. Contract: Arrays
  7. Contract: Special Arrays
  8. Contract: Functions
  9. Contract: Global variables
  10. Contract: mapping, enum, struct
  11. Contract: Object Oriented
  12. Contract: Variable & Function visibility
  13. Contract: Fallback functions & Payable
  14. Contract: Function modifiers
  15. Contract: Events
  16. Deploying contract to TestRPC
Lecture 5 Real world application (live coding)
15:00–15:45 1. Twitter-like app on Ethereum
  2. Cross-industry Global Identity Management


Attendees must supply their own laptop and internet connection (for backup).

The following software will also be required:

  • node package manager
  • any text editor (vscode, sublime, vim, emacs etc)
  • any bash terminal
  • geth (will be in the course material)
  • truffle (also in course material)

Registration is Now Closed

We’ve had a huge response and the workshop is now full!

If you’d like information about our next workshop please contact us via email: [email protected]

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